Dead President
Dead President
Here is a gallery of the work I did for the DE fun-a-day gallery at the Delaware Cen­ter for the Con­tem­po­rary Arts
The show was a great suc­cess! I have to say I was a bit over­whelmed by all the great art and won­der­ful peo­ple who showed up to sup­port it. My deep­est grat­i­tude goes to my girl­friend for putting up me and my no sleep crazi­ness for the whole month. Also the Event coor­di­na­tors at Delaware fun-a-day are awe­some for tak­ing the time to orga­nize the whole event and get­ting every­one involved. Thank you my social media bud­dies for help­ing me through the month with your sup­port­ing com­ments. Thank You.
Have a photo with my art from the event? Share it with me.

To see all the process pho­tos join me over at insta­gram

You can read my inter­view on the DE Fun-a-day blog. Check out some other great artist on the site as well.

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