Halloween –Mask Process Below
Halloween –Mask Process Below
My girl­friend and I were “lock” and “bar­rel” from The Night­mare Before Christ­mas. We decided to be classy and make our own mask and cos­tume.

Foam-core 1$
Mask= 3$
flour= 1$
glue= 1$ (Already Had)
news­pa­per= 2$ (Already Had)
paint 5$ (Already Had)
pants and shirt from sal­va­tion army = 5$
pip clean­ers 1$ (Already Had)

First I bought a plain mask from acmoore then pushed it into some foam-core shape. It was a child’s mask so I had to cut the chin out.Ducked taped it from behind.

Then I enlarged the eye balls and started mak­ing a dome shape struc­ture for the paper mache to lay on.
Then I got even cra­zier with the strips of tape along with some sup­ports around the mask.
After lay­ers of news­pa­per and mache I make a paste in my blendi­neee mix­ing paper flower and water.

Then I used pipe clean­ers for the mouth shape and hot glue for the teeth. The pipeclean­ers will help cre­ate depth in the mouth.

Then layer 2 or three times around the mouth.
Cou­ple coats of paint and all that is left to do is to fade around the eyes. Final of me and my lit­tle girly.

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