Ingleside Homes
Ingleside Homes
This was the orig­i­nal logo and ban­ner. The client wanted a more sim­ple type ori­ented logo but didn’t want to lose the fire­place or the feel­ing of warmth. It is impor­tant that this logo be leg­i­ble for the elderly and also look famil­iar. We kept the design sim­ple to use for let­ter heads a printed shirts.
Quote from Client Annie Urbanik “I sim­ply could not be hap­pier with the logo that Steven designed for my web­site. He was able to take my some­what vague and scat­tered descrip­tions of our business’s mis­sion and cre­ate a well-designed, sim­ple, mem­o­rable logo that embod­ies the warmth and com­fort pro­vided by our staff. While our pre­vi­ous brand­ing was a bit scat­tered, Steven was able to syn­the­size our mes­sage into an ele­gant and mem­o­rable piece of art that I think will serve us well for years to come.”

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