My Anchor
My Anchor
As you can imag­ine I’m all over the place. This woman keeps me grounded. Thought I might try my hand at a wood cut to tell her so. This was the first wood­block I had done and even though I have done rub­ber lino before I for­got to flip the text!!!! I was inspired after talk­ing to an ol friend, and teacher Alexi Natchev. He is an accom­plished illus­tra­tor and he encour­aged me to move from scratch-board to wood­cuts.

Steven: “So where do you get your materials/wood”
Alexi: “aaahhh any­place. You go to con­struc­tion and take ply­wood from dump­ster. hahha”
At least that’s how i remem­ber it after a few dog­fish. He’s pretty good at giv­ing me a laugh and a new per­spec­tive

So as you’ll see in my process I actu­ally carved this twice (even though my girl­friend only counts it as one gift…wtf right). I got the wood from a neigh­bors fire pit. Enjoy and thanks for let­ting me share with you my xmas gifts.

Store should be up shortly and you can get these for your loved ones. Stay tuned more projects in the near future.

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