Waste Masters Solutions — Woodcut
Waste Masters Solutions — Woodcut
This month I had the oppor­tu­nity to work with Waste Mas­ter Solu­tions to help them cel­e­brate their new rela­tion­ship with Dover Downs.  It shines as a per­fect exam­ple how you can give a classy gift of appre­ci­a­tion with out the cheesi­ness of a fruit bas­ket.

Below I will walk you through how the process went.

1 Sketches & Cor­rec­tions: 2 Carv­ing 4 Print­ing

5 Paint­ing Wood­block
First I had to scrape any left over ink out of the wood­block. I used an old nail clean­ing kit from the 60’s. Then I used my air­brush to paint a white base layer any where I carves. Then a pearl layer over top to ad depth and enhance the effect of rays com­ing from the logo. I used ink solu­tion to roll over top. When it was dry I did lots of lay­ers of trip­ple thick clear coat.



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